5 Signs Your Car Needs Professional Engine Repair

There is hardly anything as frustrating as being faced with car repairs when you least expected it. But, if you have cultivated your eye to catch the small warning signs of engine problems, you can avoid serious damages and costly time-consuming engine repair in the future.

In the following article we will take a look at the most common symptoms of an engine in trouble. Some of these are fairly obvious and some a little more subtle, but by catching them early serious problems will be all but averted.

1. The “Check Engine” Dashboard Light

Do you see that funny little icon that could be mistaken for a cartoonish submarine? When that lights up your engine is experiencing some issue that is affecting performance. Because there are so many systems and parts of an automobile the problem could be very minor and not exhibit any problems for several months.

But, if you get a diagnostic run immediately, your automotive professional will provide you with a clear idea of what is happening and how it should be addressed. If the situation is serious, your timely response may have saved you a costly problem.

2. Smoke From Under the Hood

Smoke coming from under the hood is another sign that something is not right in the engine. Smoke can come in a variety of colors and densities but should not be ignored even if everything else seems to be functioning normal.

If the car is overheating, it could burst into flames. This is a good time to pull over and call for roadside assistance, it would be very dangerous for a car to burst into flames while moving at high speeds.

3. Smoke from the Exhaust

Smoke is supposed to come from the exhaust pipe protruding from the back of the car, but by now you should have an idea what a moderate healthy amount of smoke looks like from your vehicle. If you notice the smoke is especially thick or that black billowing clouds of smoke are coming from your exhaust. It is time to make an appointment with the garage ASAP.

4. Squeaks, thumps, lurches, rattles and clunking

You will want to develop a keen ear for the way your car sounds and feels when starting up, going uphill, changing gears and shutting down. This will allow you to catch the smaller and more subtle signs that something is amiss under the hood. Transmission issues are one of the worst problems and are best avoided. If you feel any unusual movement when changing gears, your will want to get your engine repair needs handled by a professional.

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